Domestic  Animals

One of my favorite space time activities is making wall hangings with quilt block patterns and adding goats or other animals to the center. 

Goats for Valentine's Day in shades of pink and red...just for goat lovers!

Nigerian goat with the farm name embroidered for the office wall.

Another quilt block design with my favorite the boer goat in the center.

More boer goats with a little different design to the block. Makes a nice wall hanging.

Need a banner for the goat show we can do that too!

Bright colored boer goat wall hanging that was used in a U-tube show in England.

Bright red wall hanging of these LaMancha goats. 

My all time favorite was making this queen size quilt with 16 embroidered blocks in the star pattern for a friend of mine. 

Nigerian Dwarf goat wall hanging with a little different block pattern.