Over all quilting design:
1 1/2 cent per sq. in.

Free motion quilting:
2 cent per sq. in.

Following a pre-printed design:

1 1/2 cent per sq. in. 

Sititch in the ditch:
3 cents per sq. in. 

Quilting on denum:

2 cent per sq. in. 

Each additional thread change: add $2.00

No double knits!

Binding is done in your choice of two different techniques.

First method is stitching the binding to the quilt by machine and the finishing done by hand. The rate for this is:
5 cents per running inch. 

The second method would be to sew all the stitching by machine at a rate of:

2 1/2 cent per running inch.

Bias cuts, curved edges and prarie points are done at a rate of:

10 cents per running inch. 

 Pricing depends on the level of service required to complete your project


Sewing and joining quilt blocks is an added service that we provide at Old Goat Machine Quilting.


Joining blocks are done at a rate of:

$12.00 per hour.

Embroidery by machine is done at at rate of:

$20.00 per hour. 

Applique is done at a rate of:

$15.00 per hour. 

Old Goat Machine Quilting also has some basic quilting supplies availabe for sale to complete yourject. 

We have backing fabric in white and natural in 108" width.

Two types of batting are available:: polyester fiber fill low loft, and the other is

cotton-poly blend that give the appearence ot the old style quilt. 

We also carry a wide variety of thread to choose from.

Contact us for pricing