We offer a wide variety of quilting patterns and free motion  designs for your projects. 

Pantographs are an all over design with varied repeat patterns. Free motion is designs made to fit your project. We also do designs pre printed on your quilt

blocks as suggested by the manufacturer.

Binding is available as an added service for your quilting needs. 

When I do the binding, I do the first row of stitching with the machine, then press and roll to the back side and hand stitch down. 

Second method would be to do the binding completely with machine stitching. 

Construction of a quilt is a service that is offered. A basic queen size quilt will take approximately 30 hours to complete. 

 Quilted products are one of a kind qifts, showing love and appreciation for thoes receiving  these family heirlooms whether they are family members, close friends or complete strangers.