Embroidered Quilts

This Tractor Quilt was made for my grandson for his twin bed. The tractor blocks are hand embroidered.
This Baby Quilt has hand embroidered blocks of puppies joined together with a hot pink sashinig. It's quilted with an overall design.
This Wall Hanging has hand embroidered blocks and is quilted with a baby curls pattern.
My aunt hand embroidered the blocks on this quilt, my mother pieced it together and I quilted it. It was given to my granddaughter.
My all time favorite is this queen size quilt with 16 embroidered blocks in the star pattern that I made for a friend of mine.
This was a custom made Embroidered Wall hanging for that farm.
The pattern design on this Wall Hanging is called a continuum Applique, that is applied to the backing with a heat n bond. The quilting is a tight stippling.
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